Service and Repair of Volvo Vehicles in Cleveland

Volvo-motorVolvo has a well-deserved reputation for being a durable and long-lasting automobile. One of the keys to many miles and many years is proper service. By following the recommended service schedule, your car will perform to its best and reward you with lower repair costs.

Larchmere Imports has the training, equipment, and most importantly, personnel to help you get the most out of your Volvo. Whether scheduled service or unexpected repair, our technicians will work with you to minimize your inconvenience.

Independent Volvo Repair

You have choices when it comes to having your Volvo repaired, serviced and maintained. Many people are afraid to use a service facility besides their dealership. Give Larchmere Imports a call and see if we can offer you an alternative, both in cost and convenience.

At Larchmere Imports, our services range from scheduled factory maintenance to complete engine/transmission rebuilds. We perform full diagnostics, determine potential problems, and give you prioritized service options so that you can make the best decision.


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If you are contemplating buying a used or older Volvo, bring it to us for a pre-purchase inspection, that way we can help you avoid expensive surprises.

Our specialized experience enhances our knowledge of lesser known issues that may be exist within certain vehicles.

Our services are not the least expensive, but we are typically 20-30% less than the dealer. That makes Larchmere Imports the smarter alternative.