Interior & Exterior Detailing Keeps Your Car Looking Like New.


Appearance Matters

detailing-couponThe car that you fell in love with is hiding under that hazy film of daily life. Without regular attention to the exterior and interior of your vehicle, it starts to look dingy and run-down. Going through the car wash will help, but at a certain point, a thorough cleaning and waxing is imperative.

Owners care for their vehicles well, as long as it is aesthetically pleasing to them. Once a car is no longer enjoyable to look at, it tends to suffer neglect in all service areas. Detailing is the key to a positive ownership experience, and consequently, a longer vehicle service life.

Call Larchmere Imports and schedule a complete interior / exterior detailing. We will bring your painted, chrome, leather, vinyl and rubber surfaces back to life. Specific products are chosen for each of these materials – there are no one-size-fits-all products here – no spray and wipe magic.

Interior and Exterior Automotive Detailing

Below is a sample list of the surfaces we will clean, polish and treat.

Exterior Auto Detailing

  • Paint: clean (polish, clay bar if necessary), wax
  • Chrome surfaces: polish and wax
  • Rubber tires and seals: clean and treat
  • Wheels/Rims: cleaned and polished
  • Glass: windows, lenses, mirrors cleaned and treated

Interior Auto Detailing

    • Carpets, mats cleaned
    • Leather / vinyl surfaces cleaned and treated
    • Glass: windows, mirrors, gauge faces cleaned

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