Your on-board computer captures tons of information. It’s up to our trained technicians to interpret the data and correctly repair your vehicle.

The most important part of our job is understanding how your vehicle is designed to function. Identifying a mechanical problem depends heavily upon locating which specific component is not working. Your vehicle is a highly-sophisticated system of inter-related components. Training and experience are a prerequisite to understanding what is wrong and how to correct the problem.

Call Larchmere Imports when your vehicle is displaying service messages or when you notice a change in the way it normally operates. Don’t ignore your intuition when you think something is wrong. The longer you put off correcting a problem, the higher the cost is to repair it.

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Diagnostics, Service and Repair for European Automobiles

Larchmere Imports employs experienced automotive technicians, using the latest equipment and manufacturer’s information. We have spent years specializing in European cars. Have your vehicle serviced by Bosch-certified mechanics who specialize in servicing cars like yours every day.

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