European Auto Repair, Service and Maintenance

Proper and regular maintenance is an investment that extends the life of your fine European car. Period. A well-maintained auto runs efficiently and provides the fuel economy that it was designed for. Larchmere Imports will maintain your prized automobile to a standard, which in most cases, exceeds the manufacturer’s.

Unfortunately, stuff happens. As with any machine, parts fail. Preventive maintenance minimizes the possibility by replacing parts as they reach the end of their service life. Years of experience with your particular vehicle’s manufacturer tells us which telltale signs to watch.

Should you stop driving when the “Service Engine Soon” light is on in your BMW, Audi or other European automobile?

The Check Engine Light is an indication that your vehicle’s computer has detected a part or a system that is not functioning correctly. The multitude of sensors ensure that your vehicle’s systems are working properly. Any sensor reading outside of the normal range will trigger a fault code. These faults are known as “Diagnostic Trouble Codes”. Each fault code is saved in the on-board computer and can be downloaded with a special reader.

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Reading the Diagnostic Trouble Code and knowing how to correct it are two different things. “Fixing” the wrong component can cause more damage and cost more than just the part itself. Trust your highly-engineered vehicle to professionals with the training and experience to diagnose and repair it properly.

  • Factory scheduled maintenance
  • Diagnosis and repair of Trouble Codes
  • Preventive maintenance

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