Finding the Right European Car for You

European car steering wheelFor those of you who truly appreciate control, engineering, and the outstanding design of a truly great automobile, it’s hard to argue with what a great European car brings to the table. Whether you’re looking at a BMW or Land Rover, Porsche or Mini Cooper, Audi or Mercedes-Benz, there are plenty of options available for people with an eye for absolutely fantastic cars.

As tempting as it can be to dive right in and pick out your favorite choice among all these available high performance vehicles (and the many others not listed in the first paragraph), you’ll want to slow down and make sure to cover a few points prior to making your decision.

What Do You Need to Look for in a European Car?

One of the first considerations is local weather. Some automobiles are built for four seasons and every road condition while there are others that are definitely built for the speed and control that comes with excellent weather during the summer months.

You’ll also want to look at European car repair information and the garages surrounding you. Are there quality, experienced specialists in the area who know how to maintain, detail, and repair the specific model or brand of vehicle that you’re interested in? What type of repairs are needed or common for the types of import vehicles you’re interested in?

These are important things to consider to make sure you not only get a high performance European import that you love but also one that fits your life and needs locally.

Obviously we hope you think of the experienced specialists at Larchmere Imports when answering the question of “What European car specialists are near me?”, so let’s get into some of the top European brands you can rely on us to maintain and repair.

Driving BMWBMW

BMW is one of those rare brands that hits the crowd demanding luxury as well as the one demanding superior performance throughout four seasons. Many Cleveland residents absolutely love the BMW brand, and it offers some of the absolute best when it comes to German automotive engineering. There are plenty of options here to choose from, and a reputation for making vehicles that can last decades makes BMW a top notch choice.

Parked Land RoverLand Rover

Land Rover is Great Britain’s answer for making a luxury vehicle with some serious four wheel drive potential. Land Rover’s reputation speaks for itself, and while they might not be quite as common around Cleveland as some of the other options on this list, our European automotive specialists know how to keep yours up and running no matter what the issue or the season.

Parked MercedesMercedes-Benz

Janis Joplin isn’t the only one who wants a Mercedes-Benz. German engineering at its finest, these cars are finely tuned machines tailored for delivering a next level experience to whatever model you’re driving. Specially made and designed, each model is built to be as efficient as possible and provides the type of vehicle that has been synonymous with quality for several decades. Our mechanics have the specialized tools and decades of training to take care of these cars and keep them running at their finest. Properly cared for Mercedes have a reputation for lasting decades, and there are many on the road that are a full 20 years old or more!

Parked AudiAudi

An off branch of Volkswagen, Audis are still considered luxury vehicles. Although they might not be on quite the same level as BMW, they serve as an outstanding introduction to European luxury autos. They are a four season automobile that are perfect for handling all weather conditions you’ll find while driving in northern Ohio, and bring some next level interior accessories along for the ride to give you that taste of luxury. Best of all, this doesn’t come at the expense of handling, earning Audis their high quality reputation.

Parked PorschePorsche

Who doesn’t know what a Porsche is? To many people Porsche is the first vehicle that jumps to mind when they think of a car that equals wealth, prestige, or luxury. Whether you are a fan of the 718, 911, Panamera, or Macan model of Porsche, we love each and every one and are happy to make sure your car looks and runs at its best.

Mini CooperMini Cooper

Small, sassy, and with an unbelievable amount of control, the Mini Cooper is one of the most distinctive vehicles out there, European or otherwise. You’ll know a Mini Cooper’s when you see it by its distinct design, and trust us when we say this is a little package that delivers a big wallop.

Surprisingly spacious inside, featuring amazing steering and control, Mini Coopers are truly exceptional vehicles that are a pleasure to drive.

Volkswagen SciroccoVolkswagen

Sweden’s Volkswagen is known for producing some really remarkable vehicles that also fit in a really interesting niche when it comes to European luxury cars. Extremely well-engineered vehicles, they are generally a touch more affordable than some of the other more expensive luxury vehicle brands on this list while still remaining a clear step above and pricier than your average domestic vehicle.

Getting the parts for a Volkswagen repair can cost a touch more, but the quality of design you’ll find in a Volkswagen makes it well worth it for many buyers.

So Which Is Right for You?

A European car often offers the full package when it comes to luxury, handling, and engineering. Picking out one brand can be difficult, and what’s right for one person might not be the best for another. There’s nothing wrong with dreaming of high flying in a Mini Cooper or Porsche, but if you are looking for a family vehicle, then you will need to turn to some of the other options on this list like Volkswagen or some Audi models.

A little bit of research goes a long way toward seeing which of the European imports will be the best fit for your specific situation. Remember that whatever you pick, we’ll be here to keep it looking and running its best!

Need Maintenance or Repairs?

Special European vehicles need mechanics who understand their unique design and engineering alongside the experience of working with these vehicles. At Larchmere Imports, we have the necessary tools (Metric), experience, and the extreme passion for European autos that you want your car specialists to have. Contact us today for all your detailing, maintenance, and repair needs!

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