Maintaining Your Mighty Land Rover

There’s something about the Land Rover that just brings a smile to a lot of the guys working at the automotive service center here at Larchmere Imports. Anyone who dedicates their life and career to servicing European automobiles has a love for luxury and truly premium engineering. As a group of guys who live in northern Ohio, no one should be surprised there are plenty of fishing, hunting, and general outdoor fans.

There aren’t many vehicles that handle both groups, so when luxury meets an incredible ability to explore in less than ideal road conditions – let’s just say there are plenty of Land Rover fans around here!

Covering All Styles of the Brand

There are many different styles that are released each year under the Land Rover brand, offering several different experiences for drivers who love European luxury but have that Ohio outdoorsman spirit and want a vehicle that combines the two.

There’s not only the standard Land Rover that comes out each year but there’s also the Land Rover Sport version, as well as the Evoque, Discovery, Discovery Sport, LR4, & Velar. Each of those adds their own special twist on what makes a Land Rover the luxury go-anywhere vehicle that this brand is known for.

Parked Land RoverWhat to Love about the Land Rover

There’s a lot to love about the Land Rover, and there are many good reasons to make this your luxury vehicle of choice. Add in the highly rated and trustworthy specialists at Larchmere Imports and our ability to take care of any and all Land Rover detailing work, Land Rover maintenance & checkups, or even Land Rover repairs, and you have the perfect ride for driving around town and rural adventures of all sizes.

In other words, you get to enjoy your luxury vehicle knowing that whatever happens, we have your back when it comes to getting you back on the road (or back to off-roading) again! You get to keep on loving the Land Rover: what happens when luxury meets top of the line engineering and an eye for outdoor or out of the way adventure.

Don’t just take our word for it though; let our technicians and mechanics go over why this is THE pick for any outdoor enthusiast.

Noticeable Luxury

The Land Rover isn’t just another SUV. While the exterior may have a very rugged outdoor SUV feel to it, the paneling is exceptional, the seats are incredibly comfortable, and there’s a really upscale vibe that clearly screams “European luxury.” Each specific style of Land Rover is going to have their own interior quirks and different design styles.

This all comes with the powerful engineering that you expect from a high quality luxury European automobile.

Excellent at Off-Roading

This is a benefit that really jumps out. There aren’t many luxury vehicles built with off-roading in mind. However, the Land Rover has its reputation for a reason. Great ground clearance, standard four wheel drive, a powerful engine, fast acceleration, and advanced suspension are just a few of the traits of superior European engineering to get you the vehicle of your dreams.

In addition to this it’s worth noting that the real outdoor gem is the terrain management system that is part of the overall engineering process. This allows you to toggle the settings of the vehicle for normal road driving, off-roading and mud, sand, snow or ice, and even adjusting steering, throttle, and transmission for those who want total control when driving.

Highly Customizable Vehicle

Who wants a cookie cutter driving experience? Whether you’re looking to ramp up the off-road factors or are happy to scale back a little more for a touch more luxury and space for a larger family, it’s actually really impressive how customizable Land Rover orders can be. While this is great for individuals, it can be a bit challenging for mechanics or service stations that aren’t familiar with Land Rovers.

However, any professional Land Rover repair specialists are going to have the tools and experience to handle things and keep your version of the ideal Land Rover running smoothly. So pick out the trim, the engines, the fuel source, the interior – customize to your heart’s content!

Multiple Engine Options

You have multiple options when it comes to the type of engine going under your hood. There is the standard engine that most vehicles come with but there is also a high powered diesel engine option that provides more power and even a modern electric version for eco-conscious drivers looking for a greener solution without sacrificing high quality performance and control.

Range RoverA Great Quiet Interior

A lot of our repeat customers who are fans of the Land Rover really appreciate the Range Rover SUV’s new interior. This includes stronger thicker windows that really reduces road noise, cuts down the wind noise, and allows a lot of quiet in the interior. Add in plenty of space for leg room, storage, or both, and there’s a lot to love here.

A Special European Import

If you want to get an idea of what the Land Rover is all about, take a look at this great PDF from Land Rover with pictures and testimonials that are not only pretty amazing, but give a real true sense of the feel and lifestyle that comes with the Land Rover brand.

Important Pieces of Land Rover Maintenance

Keeping your Land Rover in full working order is important, and proper maintenance and repairs are a crucial part of that. While these vehicles are incredibly well built, no matter how perfectly any vehicle is built, repairs will become necessary at some point. Maintenance keeps your vehicle running smoothly and ensures actual repair work is kept to a minimum.

A quick list of things you should keep track of:

  • Your oil & miles from your last oil change
  • Tire pressure
  • Water, coolant, and windshield wiper fluid levels
  • Washing and detailing (especially the undercarriage if you do a lot of off-roading)
  • Any weird sounds or the infamous check engine light

Anything beyond this, you should come to the professionals for a quick checkup to make sure everything is working smoothly.

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