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Volvo is widely seen as one of the more accessible models of European automotive options, but that doesn’t make them any less outstanding! There’s a lot to love about what Volvo brings to the table, and they do have a history of some truly exceptional models of vehicles. Despite this, it is also worth mentioning that their reputation has taken a bit of a hit in recent years. Some drivers are fans of the new direction that Volvo is going, while others are less than thrilled and prefer the classic models.

Whichever camp you fall into, finding adequately experienced, trained, and adequately equipped professionals who can handle all of your Volvo needs in-house can be a challenge in the Cleveland area.  At Larchmere Imports, we love Volvos and are prepared to take care of all your needs.

Read on to learn all you need to know about your Volvo – or any you’re looking at!

Old Models Vs. New Models

Even before getting individual models, it’s essential to look at the differences between older models and newer ones. This seems to be a tale of two cars when looking at reliability and off the factory mechanical issues. Older Volvo models tend to hold up as being incredibly reliable, while newer models have struggled to show the same level of quality and consistency.

In other words, many classic Volvo models from 10 or 20 years ago are some of the most popular out there, and there are tons of them still on the road – which tells you just how impressive that engineering has been.

Unfortunately, as of 2018, they have struggled immensely based on consumer reports. The litany of problems from the newest Volvo models has resulted in them being ranked as one of the worst when it comes to reliability.

So as we go into discussing some common issues with some of the more popular Volvo models, keep in mind the year matters a lot. The focus here is on more new brands, and a basic rule of thumb you can go by is that older models will very likely have fewer of these issues.

Volvo C30 Reliability Report

The Volvo C30 is one of the more reliable new models of Volvo in recent years. While getting a relatively good reliability score, the Volvo C30 still has some common repair issues that pop up every so often.

The two major ones to look out for:

  • Axle & suspension issues
  • Shorting out of electrical systems or other electrical issues


These account for well over 50% of the early mechanical issues that pop up in the C30 when they do occur. If you keep a fresh eye out for any sign of these common issues and get in for a maintenance check at the first sign of trouble, we’ll be able to help you locate any potential problems and head them off at the pass to get you back on the road again!

Volvo V70 Common Repair Issues

Multiple issues seem to revolve around the most recent Volvo V70 models; however, they all seem to be related around one area: the gearbox.

You might observe several different signs that the transmission can be breaking down. A major one is erratic shifting where sometimes it kicks in, but sometimes it seems to grind or struggle to move over. Several things can cause this, including transmission fluid issues, software issues, and real mechanical issues.

In all of these cases, you need a trained specialist or technician like ours to diagnose and fix the problem properly.

Volvo S60 Repair Issue: Power Steering Leak

There’s a lot to like about the Volvo S60, but there is one consistent issue that has come up with this vehicle: a leak in the power steering. While this is another case where older models don’t tend to experience this issue as often, some of the more recent S60 models are notorious for having the hose that moves power steering fluid between the reservoir and the active system spring a leak.

That means losing fluid, and that leads to the issues that pop up with the power steering. These are relatively easy fixes, but it takes a truly experienced technician to take care of this issue properly.

Volvo XC60 Reliability Report

Another wildly popular model is the Volvo XC60. The good news on this one is that according to at least one 2017 survey, this is one of the recent models that has been one of the most reliable vehicles out there. It’s no coincidence that among current Volvo models, the XC60 also stands out as one of the best options.

However, there are two recurring issues that you will want to keep an eye out for. One involves the cooling fan and the other a switch failure. Automatic boot switch failure is a known problem with the microswitch that pops up every so often and is a relatively easy fix once brought in.

The other one is when the cooling fan malfunctions. Volvo’s XC60 design means this affects the temperature of the engine as well as the quality of air conditioning in the vehicle. So if the AC seems to be going out and the engine is heating up, then you need to bring your Volvo in for a checkup before it becomes a much larger problem.

Volvo XC70 Recent Issues

The XC70 is one of the recent models that has come under fire recently for not holding up the standard of reliability that Volvo was classically known for. While there have been plenty of drivers who haven’t had any issues with this model, there have been multiple issues reported with the suspension, transmission, and the warning light for the brake system coming on.

If you think you might be having issues with any of these, bring your Volvo in for a checkup before a mild problem becomes a much larger one.

Volvo XC90’s Recent Struggles

This is another one of those models that have taken a bit of a hit in reputation for the last few years. As with other Volvos, most of them drive great, but enough issues have shown up often enough that they have to be mentioned. Several of these problems include software upgrades, injector issues (for diesel models), and gearbox problems.

The primary Volvo XC90 issue owners run into seems to be related to the axle and suspension though. This is also generally the most serious of its common issues and turns up in a touch over a quarter of all the major complaints on this model.

Naturally, you’ll want to take care of a problem with this ASAP to avoid catastrophe on the road. We’ll tackle any of these problems and more quickly, effectively, and get you back to that high-end Volvo level of quality.

Volvo V90 interiorGreen Energy Goals

Volvo has stated that they have a goal of making all of their vehicles electric or hybrid for the future, looking to get ahead of the green energy trend in the automotive industry. While this is an admirable goal, it hasn’t gone entirely smooth to this point (as the slip in quality of recent releases has shown).

There are particular concerns about use in frigid temperatures, as keeping a battery charged in -50 can be a challenge during cold snaps or a visiting polar vortex. It’s one thing to be in Fairbanks, Alaska where the entire infrastructure is designed to handle this, but this is a legitimate concern for many other places right now.

We’re the Local European Automotive Specialists You Can Trust

While Volvo may be struggling a bit to make its ideal transition into the future, there’s no denying the quality of specific old school Volvo models. You’ll even find many supporters among the majority of troubling new ones. Whatever your model, your Volvo’s year, or your specific need, we have the specialists, the technicians, and the expertise to handle any and all issues that will come up with your Volvo.

Not many providers can say that – even among those specializing in European automobiles. The next time you need a checkup, have a maintenance issue or need actual repair work to get your Volvo back and on the road again, then see us at Larchmere!

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